Natural Born Sinner
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Don't Stop

It's a Movie

Neck Down
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Truth J Simmons, (born September 2nd,) known simply as "TRUTH" 
is a rapper, aspiring actor and model. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs and growing up in the city of Central Richmond, CA, listening to Stevie Wonder, Prince, N.W.A., and Tupac among others, all influence the creativity, determination, and versatility of this Artist.

His debut solo album "Multiple Shots" (2017) was released following years of hiatus from the rap scene. Truth has been laying flows since the group's first album "TrulySlick" (2005) was released through Gametight Records with the hot single "Watch Me"(2005). Truth is back and in full force to be heard.

Album Dedication Note:
A creative embodiment of worldly knowledge gained by me, presented to you on this album. Multiple Shots is a clear representation of where I'm from, who I am, and how I feel about certain things. With that being said, I hope you'll enjoy and be entertained by this work, I put my all into it.